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CD prices are listed with each manual description. Payments can be made via PayPal www.paypal.com (you can pay with a credit card this way without having to register with PayPal). Buyers can also mail payment via a money order or business check (personal checks accepted, but are held until they clear). All order ship within two business days (usually within one business day). Standard Airmail shipping/handling is included in the purchase price. Expedited shipping/handling is available. If you need expedited shipping, you may add an expedited shipping method below, or inquire via e-mail.

US Shipping Method
 $6.00 USD

US Shipping Method
 $17.00 USD

Int'l Shipping Method
 $12.00 USD


Sales will not be made to US Treasury OFAC prohibited countries: Balkins, Burma (Myanmar), Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Liberia, Lybia, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, Zimbabwe.
Attempts to purchase from one of these countries or circumvent shipping to one of these countries will be reported to OFAC, FBI, and Interpol.


I accept Pound Sterling payments through PayPal!
I accept Pound Sterling payments through PayPal!


I accept Euro payments through PayPal!
I accept Euro payments through PayPal!


    Since these are CDs that are easy to duplicate, returns are NOT allowed.
    In the unlikely event that a CD does not work, a replacement will be shipped at no cost to you ASAP.
    Due the endless variations and configurations of home PCs, there is no way to insure 100% compatibility.
    If you have questions, please ask before you purchase.

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