United States Military Publications -
Marine Corp Warfighting & Reference Publications

AMCI Army & Marine Corps Integration in Joint Operations - MCWP 3-36 
Aviation Urban Operations - Multiservice Procedures - MCRP 3-35.3A
Biological Surveillance (multiservice) - MCRP 3-37.1C
Brevity Codes (multiservice) - MCRP 3-25B
Combat Stress - MCRP 6-11C
Explosive (EOD) Ordnance Disposal in a Joint Environment - MCRP 3-17.2C
Field Artillery Target Acquisition - MCRP 3-1611A
Fire Support for the Combined Arms Commander - MCRP 3-16C
M2 Practice Bolt Plastic Ammunition 5.56mm M16 - MCTM 6920-12&P
M9 9mm Operator's Manual - TM 1005A-10/1
M203 M203A1 Grenade Launcher TM 07700B-10
NBC Aspects of Consequence Management (multiservice) - MCRP 3-37.2C
NBC Defense of Theater Fixed Sites, Ports, & Airfields (multiservice) - MCWP 3-37.5
NBC Defense Operations (multiservice) - MCWP 3-27.1
NBC Protection - MWCP 3-37.2
NBC Reconnaissance - MCWP 3-37.3 NBC Vulnerability Analysis - MCWP 3-37.1A
NLW Tactical Employment of Nonlethal Weapons - MCRP 3-15.8
Operational Terms and Graphics - MCRP 5-12A
Peace Operations (multiservice) - MCRP 3-33.8
Recovery & Battle Damage Assessment & Repair - MCRP 4-11.4A

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