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You are bidding on a CD set of the most current BATF manuals regarding firearms. The files are in Adobe Acrobat format and can be viewed with the free Acrobat Reader viewer (v6.0 included on the CD for your convenience if you computer doesn't already have Acrobat Reader).

Buy with confidence knowing that you are receiving the latest version of these manuals. Each manual has also been carefully updated with bookmarks that allow you to quickly navigate through the TOC, chapters, appendixes, DA forms, etc. The manuals are a single PDF file (vs. the 10-50 files typical) that will auto run when inserted into your CD drive (if auto run is configured for your CD drive). These PDF manuals can be read directly from the CDs or copied to your hard drive. All manuals can be printed in whole or by individual page(s).


BATF Manuals included

Quick Reference to Firearms Laws  -  2 pages

State Laws & Published Ordinances 25th Ed. 2004  -  457 pages

Federal Firearms Regulations 2000  -  365 pages

Firearms Commerce in the U.S. 2001-2002  -  29 pages

Commerce in Explosive Materials 2002 -  9 pages

Firearms Curios or Relics List - updated through 12/2003 - 200 pages
   The Gun Control Act of 1968 -  Public Law 90-618

Bullet Casings and You - 2 pages

ATF 2002-6 Identification of Firearms, Armor Piercing Ammo, & Hi-cap Mags - 5 pages

Personal Firearms Record - 2 pages

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