Publication Title:                   Combat Tracker & Dog Training & Employment
Publication/revision date:    02 MAR 1973
Field Manual:                        FM 7-42
   Supersedes:                      none
Distribution Restriction:       Approved for public release, distribution unlimited (public domain manuals)

Part I
I Introduction
II Introduction to Tracking
III Tracking Signs
IV The Track Following Drill
V Tracker Scout
VI Tracker Recondo Patrol
VII Silent Signals
VIII Combat Reaction Drills
IX Reading the Track
X Deception Tactics
XI Finding a Lost Track
Part II
I General
II Handler Qualifications
III Dog Selection Criteria
IV Equipment used in Training
V PErsonnel Requirements
VI Training Areas
VII Tracking Conditions
VIII Track Picture
IX Laying the Track
X Rescue Tracking
XI Intermediate Tracking
XII Advanced Tracking
XIII Combat Tracker Teams
XIV Visual Tracking Course

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