First Aid


Publication Title:                   First Aid
Publication/revision date:    23 DEC 2002
Field Manual:                        FM 4-25.11
                                               NTRP  4-02.1
                                               AFMAN 44-163(I)
   Supersedes:                      FM 21-11 (27 OCT 1988)
Distribution Restriction:       Approved for public release, distribution unlimited (public domain manuals)

Chapter 1 - Force health protection
Chapter 2 - Fundamentals of force health protection in a global environment
Chapter 3 - Army medical department team & command surgeons
Chapter 4 - Force health protection in a global environment & the effects of the law of land warfare
Chapter 5 - Army medical department functional areas
Chapter 6 - Force health protection in global operations
Chapter 7 - Health service support in interagency and multinational operations
Chapter 8 - Domestic support operations
Appendix A - Clinical policy & guidelines
Appendix B - Medical intelligence
Appendix C - Phases of patient care & treatment
Appendix D - Risk management
Appendix E - Integrated concept team approach
Appendix F - Health service support aspects of joint & multinational operations and determination
                        of eligibility for care
Appendix G - Tables of organization and and equipment numbers medical force 2000, medical
                        reengineering initiative, and force XXI units
Appendix H - Antiterrorism, force protection & field discipline
Appendix I - Special medical augmentation response teams
Appendix J - Force health protection in a global environment for the digitized force


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