Attack Helicoptor Operations

Publication Title:                   Attack Helicopter Operations
Publication/revision date:    14 JUN 2001
Field Manual:                        FM 1-112
   Supersedes:                      none
Distribution Restriction:       Approved for public release, distribution unlimited (public domain manuals)

Chapter 1 - Attack helicopter fundamentals
Chapter 2 - Battle command
Chapter 3 - Employment
Chapter 4 - Combat support
Chapter 5 - Combat service support
Chapter 6 - Stability and support operations
Appendix A - Attack aircraft characteristics
Appendix B - Air assault security
Appendix C - Sample order and mission briefing formats
Appendix D - Unit movement
Appendix E - Tactical standing operating procedures
Appendix F - Air combat
Appendix G - Assembly area operations
Appendix H - Deep operations by Kiowa warrior attack helicopter battalions
Appendix I - Theater missile defense - search and attack


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